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Home decorating inspiration for the vintage at heart

Home decorating inspiration for the vintage at heart

One of these things is not like the others, One of these things just doesn’t belong… now that I have successfully gotten that song stuck in your head let’s talk home decor.

The other week I joined a Facebook Group about home decorating and considering I am in the process of renovating my first home I thought it would be a great way to source inspiration; and at first it was great. There were posts on up-cycling furniture, photos of beautiful rooms, home renovations, inspiration with Kmart items, and then more inspiration with Kmart item… but like a scene from the Stepford Wives movie everything started to get eerily the same. You see, I slowly started to realise all their homes looked very similar, and that all their furniture was very similar, their quilt covers were all very similar.

I started to feel discouraged looking around at my 1940’s built home, with its dark wooden features, vintage decor and touches of antique furniture. It didn’t seem as bright as the other homes, it wasn’t as pastel as the other homes, it didn’t seem as white as other homes. And it wasn’t just happening on this Facebook Group but also on TV. I am currently addicted to the Nine Life channel and it sometimes breaks my heart when decorators start “fixing” ie modernising homes that look like mine and take away what makes them unique to make them ‘sell-able” – it almost makes me want to cry.
They knew how to embrace dark wood, and how to not paint everything white. There were others like me and they were inspiring! They were mixing the old with the new and it looked AMAZING. Their homes could incorporate vintage without going rustic farm house style, they would embrace dark woods but still keep their homes light and inviting. They held onto beautifully crafted treasures from the past and gave them a new place in their homes, assuring they would last another 50-100 years.
These homes in their own way inspired Harold and Florence for what it is today. It is about embracing the past, and reusing what was once lost and making it new again. It is about being different and standing out from the masses. Its about having something unique, something that you feel calls to you. Its about not contributing to fast fashion trends, and being conscious of the impact we have on the environment.
Did you just read this post with an astounding YES, This is me! Or even if it inspired you to look at things differently, or it switched on a new found creative fire within you. Make sure to sign up for my newsletter, which is constantly full of unique home decorating inspiration.
** Author’s comment: Stepford wives comments are made in jest, as I do love a touch of pastel in my life and I totally appreciate and swoon over these home. I believe in having a creative outlet and having the opportunity to express your own style without negativity.

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